The landscape of pet care has transformed dramatically in recent decades. As pets increasingly take on the roles of full-fledged family members, their care facilities have evolved to reflect this shift. So long to the days of mere dog kennels; in their place, we now see expansive, feature-rich pet resorts designed to give our four-legged friends the ultimate in luxury and care. Dog Mountain Pet Resort in Hoschton, GA, is no exception. In fact, it’s the pinnacle of modern pet care.

Modern pet owners have recognized the need for their pets to enjoy environments that simulate the love and comfort they receive at home. At Dog Mountain, we do just that – and more. With amenities that rival those of luxury human hotels, our resort truly stands out as a premier choice for pet boarding and care.

Dog Mountain Pet Resort at a Glance

Our massive 16,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility, situated on a lush six acres that dogs adore, offers the following benefits for pets and their families:

  • Services Galore: Far from just a boarding house, our resort offers an array of services including dog boarding, cat boarding, dog daycare, dog grooming solutions, and more, all overseen by a talented staff of trained, compassionate caregivers. Additionally, enriching activity packages – from group play to some extra TLC – ensure that your pet’s unique needs are consistently met.
  • VIP Treatment: With 133 VIP suites, overnight stays at Dog Mountain are more like a luxury hotel experience than the basics offered at a traditional dog kennel. Our facility also features advanced systems for temperature control, air purification, filtration, and security.
  • A Special Space for Cats: Recognizing that cats are equally important members of the family, yet with entirely different needs, Dog Mountain offers a designated cats-only area ensuring peace and tranquility for our feline friends.
  • Playtime: Always active, never compromised. With five large indoor play areas, each equipped with roll-up doors leading to external play areas, your pet is guaranteed an energetic and fun-filled day – regardless of the weather. Play yards are completely fenced and continuously supervised.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Nine outdoor play zones ensure that there’s no shortage of space for your pets to run, play, and make new friends. And after all that play, what better way for dogs to cool off than a splash in the resort’s in-ground pool?

The pet industry has witnessed significant leaps from traditional dog kennels to holistic, quality-driven resorts. When considering boarding or other services for your pet, consider Dog Mountain Pet Resort. Founded by two longtime friends and lifelong pet parents, Dog Mountain was designed with our pets in mind. Here, your pet’s health, happiness, and overall well-being are not just prioritized – they’re celebrated. Reach out to our team today to learn more.